The Student Academy of Audiology chapter at Utah State University in Logan, UT is an organization that promotes hearing! We are involved with annual humanitarian efforts within our community and different countries around the world. Please read about our Missions from the hEARt and other efforts we have been making to promote hearing healthcare and stay informed about the events we have planned to raise money for our upcoming mission.

2016-2017 SAA OFFICERS

President: Christina Heitzinger
Vice President: Kristin Kibbe
Secretary: Hannah Jones
Treasurer: Tanner Price
Fundraising: McKay Kunz
Humanitarian Chair: Brittany Bown
Webmaster: Madi Murphy

2015-2016 SAA Officers

President: Christina Heitzinger
Vice President: Hannah McLeod
Secretary: Kristin Kibbe
Treasurer: Ana Caballero
Fundraising: McKay Kunz
Webmaster: Alex Meibos